When FloLogic detects a leak, incoming water flow is automatically turned off.

How your FloLogic system will work

The FloLogic Water Leak Detection System can be installed to your main water supply pipe in either interior or exterior home environments, and it can be connected to any automated security system. Once installed, the FloLogic System immediately begins protecting your entire home against plumbing leaks and failures, 24/7. The instant a leak is detected, the patented FloLogic Intelligent Leak Detection™ system automatically closes the emergency water shut off valve and sounds an alert.

Developed and manufactured in Raleigh, North Carolina since 1997, FloLogic’s innovative, patented, and proven leak detection system has received numerous awards and accolades, including “Best of What’s New” award by Popular Science magazine and "One of “Top 100 Products” by Building Products magazine. The FloLogic System was featured in "This Old House" magazine “Smaller Safer, Smarter” and featured on “Ask This Old House” television program.

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