How to Set Up/Provision Additional FloLogic Units to Your App

If you already have at least one FloLogic System linked to your account and visible on the app, here’s how to set up (provision) an additional device.

1) Open the app, which should automatically log you in. If not logged in, do so.

2) Go to the dashboard screen. If necessary, tap back button/down arrow icon located in the upper left of the screen until you get to a dashboard screen with “Account, Sharing, Support” icons across the top. This is also the screen that will list all devices linked to your account at the bottom.

3) Be sure you are directly in front of the FloLogic CONNECT WiFi module and the top “Connection” light is steadily flashing red. If it’s not, make sure the device is plugged in and powered, and if necessary quickly press the “WiFi” button on the top right of the Module and wait for the red blink indicating the device is in the provisioning mode. Hit the plus sign (+) in the upper right screen on the app and follow the instructions from there. The “Direct Connect” is typically the easiest method.

* If an additional FloLogic System has already been provisioned by another user and you would like to add it to your account, have an existing user in the app go to that device’s settings icon (the gear symbol in upper right of screen), then to the “People” tab. There they can add you using your email address. Or locally you can press the WiFi button per step 2 above and reprovision the device to become an additional user.