Updating CONNECT Router Connection or WiFi Password

Here’s how to get your Connect module back online when a new router is installed or when a SSID or password changes on the router. First, hit the WiFi button located on the side of the side of the Connect module. The “Connect” light on the module will eventually slowly blink with a red light. Go to the app and hit the back button until  you see a dashboard screen showing “Account, Sharing, Support” icons. Hit the “+” symbol in the upper right. Then follow the instruction to provision the device to the new router, which begins at the 1:26 time stamp of the set up video: https://youtu.be/zJ_R3nbngW8?t=88

If for some reason, this does not work, you may need to reset the Connect Module by using a paperclip and pressing the reset button. The reset button is found in the hole on the bottom of the Module to the right of the cable jacks. Gently locate and press the button inside the access hole just until you feel the “click” and you see the Connection light blink rapidly. Hold it in until that rapid blinking stops. Once the top “connection” light blinks red slowly, you are ready to provision the device. Open you app the “Add device” icon per the above instructions.