About the FloLogic App “No Flow Detection” Notification

“No Flow Detection” is a FloLogic app notification feature that when enabled sends an alert when no water flow above the flow sensitivity is detected for the selected period of time. So No Flow Detection enabled at 1 day and 2 hours would send an alert after 26 hours of no water use/no flow detection. This feature is highly recommended for anyone who decides to turn off their Auto Away feature. A recommended No Flow Detection of 3 days would be a way to help ensure a System in an occupied home is working properly, while accounting for weekend trips away from home.

Another use of “No Flow Detection” allows app users, that may have a parent or shut-in whom they keep tabs on, to make sure that household is actively using water. For example, if an occupant hasn’t flushed a toilet/run a faucet in the past 14 hours on a System with a 14 hour No Flow Detection setting, an app user could get alerted and know to call and check in on the person.