Adjusting the FloLogic System Settings

For Wi-Fi-connected models, the FloLogic app allows intuitive system settings adjustments from the Settings menu. App-based System interfacing is automatically reflected on the local Control Panel.

To change settings using the local Control Panel, Press the Program and Accept/Exit keys at the same time. You will see the text “PROGRAM.” Hit the Next/Bypass key to go to the different settings. To adjust any setting, use the Up or Down arrow keys. Once you have your new setting value, push the Accept/Exit key to save the new setting prior to going to the next setting.

The following is a description of available System settings.

  • Drip Rate: Displays the flow detection sensitivity (Drip Rate) in ounces per minute. This is the amount of water that must be flowing in order for FloLogic to start the internal clock to monitor the flow and stop any leaks once the  clock expires. As an adjustment example, to ignore a dripping faucet that is flowing at 3 ounces-per-minute, adjust the Drip Rate to 4 ounces per minute. The clock will not initiate until the flow reaches 4 oz/min. Factory setting is 2 ounces per minute and has an adjustable range of 0 – 32 ounces per minute.
  • Home: Displays allowable time for continuous water flow while in the Home mode. Factory setting is 30 minutes.
  • Away: Displays allowable time for continuous water flow while in the Away mode. Factory setting is 0.5 minutes (30 seconds).
  • Delay Away “D Away”: Displays the countdown time in minutes for a delay that will be initiated when the Away mode is first activated. This allows use of appliances like dishwashers when a property is exited and it is desired for the water use to be allowed only temporarily before then going to the Away mode. Factory setting is “Off,” but use the arrow keys to turn on at the desired delay time.
  • Bypass: Displays the preset countdown time when the Bypass mode is activated, where all water flow is ignored for that mount of time. Factory setting is 120 minutes.
  • Auto Away “A Away”: Displays the number of hours that while in the Home mode, if less than 10 seconds of continuous water flows above the Drip Rate is seen, the System automatically assumes you are not there and defaults to the Away mode to protect your property. Factory setting is 18 hours and can be adjusted to a different hour value or turned to “OFF.”