Required System Testing

To ensure your System functions as intended, perform the following test every six months and replace the battery as needed.
a. Place the FloLogic System in the Away mode by pressing the AWAY key on the Control Panel or selecting Away mode in the app. The valve should cycle as it enters the Away mode. Turn on a faucet in the property and look for the appearance of the pinwheel flow indicator on the right side of the LCD or the progress of the countdown timer in the app.
b. After the expiration of the Away timer, the beeper will sound and the Control Panel display will change to AWAY.TIME / EXCEEDED and the valve will close. If you have the app installed and notifications turned on, you will also receive a notification that the Away flow limit was exceeded. The app will display ShutOff and indicate Flow Time Exceeded as well.
c. Confirm your water has stopped running. NOTE: siphoning from overhead pipes and backflow from thermal expansion tanks can cause flow for some time after a shutoff. Press the DISABLE key once to silence the beeper and then press the HOME key to turn the water back on. Alternatively, in the app, touch the center dripping faucet icon and select Water On to restore water service.
d. Between tests, if the System switches to AUTOAWAY when the home is occupied and water is being used, this may be due to an undiagnosed issue, and the flow detection and shutoff test should be conducted as soon as possible.
2.BATTERYThe Battery provides back-up power and should be replaced when it will no longer hold a charge. Batteries typically need to be replaced every three years. Replace with a 12-volt, sealed lead acid, AGM battery rated between 4.0 and 6.0 amp hours.