System Goes Offline, Offline Notice on App

If you received a “device offline” message on the FloLogic app, or the “connection” light on your CONNECT Module is solid red, the system is not communicating through the app. Rest assured that the local control panel continues to command the System so leaks still get automatically shut off even when your device is offline. The most likely cause off a device going offline is the internet service has gone down. When the internet service returns, the device should reconnect automatically. In rare cases you may need to power cycle the CONNECT Module to get it back online. To power cycle, disconnect the black cable that plugs into the right-hand port on the CONNECT Module for 8 seconds, then plug it back in. The device should go online as long as the internet connection is strong and no credentials have changed. If it does not, you may need to re-connect the WiFi Module to your router by hitting the reset button to re-provision, as noted in these instructions.