The Importance of Real Time Leak Control

As pioneers in comprehensive real-time flow based leak control since the year 2000, FloLogic has observed a variety of products that are sold as leak detection solutions that have entered and exited the market. As more products become available, it’s important to recognize how FloLogic offers superior protection against potentially costly leaks.

Flow sensing verses point of leak detection

Most of the water leak detection solutions available–and certainly those positioned as inexpensive, DIY products—use point of leak sensors that are designed to notice water that accumulates under the sensor. While sensors can be placed in likely leak-producing areas, such as visible areas under a toilet or hidden beneath a sink, these sensors can’t be placed behind walls, beneath floors and above ceilings where potential pipe leaks lurk. Some sensors require frequent battery changes and many aren’t linked to shutoff valves. In short, point of leak sensors don’t offer comprehensive protection.

Comprehensive real-time flow-based leak control

There are more flow-based products available today than ever before. But most of them have an Achilles heel in that they can’t detect all leaks in real time. Most have flow sensors that only start to see flow (and leaks) at around two cups per minute, meaning they could miss a cup or more of water being sprayed on a floor. To make up for this lack of sensitivity, some units rely on scheduled whole property water shutoff periods where they then measure for pressure decay to see the small leaks. Small and potentially damaging leaks are ignored otherwise. FloLogic has an exclusive flow sensor that sees all flow—starting at a half-ounce-per-minute (about a drip-per-second)—24/7.  This real-time detection of leaks of all sizes means that FloLogic is constantly guarding against potentially damaging and wasteful leaks without interrupting normal water use.

When deciding which leak detection technology is right for you, be sure to recognize the importance of real time leak identification of all-sized leaks. A small two drops-per-second will add up to 77 gallons in just one week. That’s enough water to destroy property but not enough to be detected in real time by most other technologies.