Customer Testimonials on Water Damage Prevention


I called you the other day to complain that my FloLogic System kept shutting my water off and that there must be a problem with the System. You assured me that the System was performing exactly the way it was meant to. It was detecting a leak and then shutting my water off. Even though I told you that I could not find any leak, you assured me that one did exist and that I should be persistent. When I finally received an alert from my water company that they too suspected a leak, I had a leak detection company come out. Sure enough a leak existed under ground near my water shut off valve. I had the cracked pipe repaired saving my foundation and a huge water bill. I love the FloLogic System so much that I am having one installed in a second house that we just purchased and are renovating. FloLogic rocks!!!Sue D.Palm Beach Gsrdens, FL

Several years ago my 23 year old daughter was at my lake house during November in North Carolina with friends. This is a second home for us, so often we are not there for months at a time, especially in the winter. As she walked into the house, she set the FloLogic to "home", which opened the water main valve, adjusted a few thermostats, and sat down to do some work at the dining room table. About 10 minutes later, water was dripping and then pouring out of the ceiling, in ever increasing amounts! To her credit, she went back to the FloLogic controller, shut off the water main, and called me. How this girl knew to shut off the water main is beyond me, but thank God! So I hopped in my car and drove the hour and a half to go survey the damage. I quickly observed that we had old water damage and new water damage. There were dried water stains on the ceiling from old damage that occurred in the previous weeks and new water marks that were wet. In addition, I found a minor amount of buckling and swelling hardwood floors next to the dining room table. As I pondered all this, i quickly figured out that the FloLogic System had shut off the water in our house when a leak happened while we were not there sometime in the previous months. After more detective work, this time by our builder, we figured out that the leak was caused by a failure in a upstairs shower. A plumbing fixture in a feeder pipe to a shower, made by a high quality name brand manufacturer, had failed. The water had leaked down the wall, into the floors, across the ceiling, and found its way down through the dining room ceiling onto the dining room table on the first floor, and onto the floor and rug. Because this is a second home, this water leak could have run for several weeks or months unchecked, if it were not for the FloLogic System. Instead, we ended up with minor damage to our home. After finding the leak, we repainted the ceiling, and our largest expense was our dealing with our hardwood floors that had minor buckling. The total damage estimate was about $35,000, mostly because of the floors. Without the floor damage, it would have been less than $5,000. We knew all too well how bad this damage and how expensive it could have been because my brother in law had a similar event in his multi million dollar lake home in north Georgia. A year after building his house, a fitting failed in his first floor and the water ran for two weeks flooding his first floor and basement. His repair costs was $500,000, because he did not have a system installed, like the FloLogic System, to detect a water leak while he was not in the house. So for obvious reasons, I am a huge believer in the FloLogic system to protect your home, especially a second home where you are not there daily, from unwanted water leaks. Thank you FloLogic for creating a great product that is so very helpful! George JLake Gaston, NC

I had a frozen pipe a few years ago that was located in the attic. The damage was over $100,000! I installed the FloLogic System, added insulation and thought I addressed the issue. Two years later, another frozen pipe, but FloLogic turned the water off before the ice dam melted and I had no damage whatsoever. Than you FloLogic.Franklin D.Deerfield, IL

I purchased this system after a friend had a flood in his house. About 6 weeks after install, I woke to no water in my shower. I went to my basement and found a puddle on the floor from a valve in my boiler that ruptured over night and the FloLogic detected it and stopped it prior to doing any real damage. Playing with fire to not have it.Jeff R.Laurel Hollow, NY

We had a hose under a sink start leaking badly while we were out of town. Your valve shut the system down before hardly any water damage occurred. The leak was upstairs, and if it had continued would have caused tens of thousands dollars of damage.Thank you for the great product!Don R.Sheridan, WY

I bought a home that had problems with pipe leaks as did all the homes in the subdivision. I had two bad leaks that caused a great deal of damage. My only choice was to re-pipe the home, but on the second leak the plumber mentioned FloLogic which I had installed. It was more affordable than re-piping the home. Since I've had the FloLogic installed I have had 1 other leak that was stopped before it did extensive damage, the leak only caused minimum damage. The System has worked flawlessly and whenever I have had a question on the System, FloLogic has always been a great help. I would highly recommend having this system installed in your home.Tom M.Jupiter, FL

We installed the FloLogic System in our second home a decade ago. We had seen a neighbor's home after a little valve on the toilet let go and flooded his place. $500,000 worth of damage. We use the System whenever we are not at home overnight. It's really simple to use, and there is really no upkeep. I recommend the System to every home owner who will be out of their place overnight or longer. The peace of mind is worth the investment! And, my insurance company loves the System - they give us a discount every yearHank B.Long Island, NY

I'm crazy about your FloLogic We tell all our Real Estate clients about our experience and how I found you. On top of feeling SAFE, my Insurance Company gave me a discount for bringing you and your product into my life. There is no Advertising in the World better than "Word of Mouth". You can't buy it, you can't make it up, because each case is unique to that House. At the end of the day, you only really know how good a company is by it's back-up service and support after you have bought. Bruce and I want to Thank You Sincerely for the attention and kindness you showed towards us during during a difficult experience. No matter how many times I needed your help to understand all the wonderful things the FloLogic can were there for me. Your Patience in answering all my questions was everything one could hope for. I can see why your product is recommended by the best Insurance Companies around in Canada and the USA. Most importantly, I understand first-hand why your Company has grown and the success you have earned.Janet S.Thornhill, ON, Canada

Have solved the leak problems. We changed the kitchen sink faucets and found some small leaks and fixed them. Everything working fine now. I have turned the drip rate back to 2. Your device is the best. What a great way to save water and eliminate floods and headaches.Albert S.Boca Raton, FL

We recently installed your System in a newly renovated home. It was recommended to us by a plumber. We are often out of the country for months at a time leaving the home unattended. Upon returning we found the water was not functioning. When we went to the mechanical room the FloLogic alarm was beeping. Researching, we found a cracked water line in the attached room which would have caused major damage to our new kitchen and imported wood floors if we did not have the FloLogic System. I strongly recommend your product to any homeowner.David CEast Hampton, NJ

If you are thinking of purchasing a leak detection system, this is the one!! The user friendly key pad, besides warning you of a leak, with display and alarm, allows individual settings that will customize this System to your specific needs. One of the outstanding features of the key pad it its ability to display real time water flow rates. I believe FloLogic to be the best leak detection system on the market and of equal importance, the staff at FloLogic provides terrific customer support. I have unfortunately had to deal with several difficult plumbing challenges including leaking PEX pipes and poor plumbing installations. FloLogic has removed my anxiety. The FloLogic System and unequaled customer support make this system the one to get!Alan RSanta Fe, NM

During the month of June 2011, one of my clients in Los Angeles called to repair a leaky copper water pipe that flooded her family room and entrance to her home destroying the hardwood floors and walls. Once completed the homeowner asked me to install the FloLogic System to prevent this from happening again. In September, the client called explaining that the FloLogic System had shut off her water. I returned to the home to find a pinhole leak in the powder room wall. Thanks to FloLogic she saved thousands of dollars and a lot of aggravation.Ori EProfessional Plumber

I have a home in Vail, CO as well as one in Chester County, PA. I became keenly aware of water damage when two of my neighbors in Vail each had over $100,000 in losses each due to water damage. I learned about FloLogic from a Google search on the Internet. I purchased two FloLogic controllers about five year ago. It was one of the best investments I have ever made. In my opinion there is NO other system as inclusive, logical and reliable as FloLogic. You do not have to worry about where the next leak may happen. It covers your entire house. It is simple to operate, simple to program, simple to install. A nice feature is just a push of a button at the control panel, shuts ALL water off in your house. No one needs to try to find the valves etc. It cuts off all the water in case of an emergency.Jeff A.Vail, CO

I first learned of FloLogic when building a home in Charleston, SC. I had never had experienced a water leak before, so I was uncertain that I'd see a payback on the investment. But, I decided to view the cost of the device as inexpensive insurance, and went forward with the purchase. Shortly after completion of our home, the hot water heater sprung a leak because of an improperly installed expansion tank. A copper joint broke in the middle of the night and the water started flowing. Because it occurred while we were asleep, we were unaware of any problem until the next morning when there wasn't any water available. The investment that I was initially unsure of was returned in multiples because FloLogic stepped in as designed to stop the waterflow, minimizing the damage to some wet carpet. Without it, we would have awoken to a flooded home with multiple inches of water and its damage (sheetrock, wood floors, carpet, inconvenience, etc.). That event convinced me that I will never own a home without FloLogic, and in fact, had it installed in my next home in Dallas, TX. The peace of mind it provides is easily worth the investment. Chuck, I wish you much success. I could not be a bigger believer in your product and hope that one day its a standard in all homes in the future. Bart M.Dallas, TX

About two month ago, the alarm on our present unit sounded and woke us up at about midnight. When I went into the kitchen there was only a thin layer of water that stemmed from the water filter under the kitche sink. We called a service to help us dry the area. It took slightly more than an hour and most of that time was spent hooking up dehumidifiers. No permanent damage. No insurance claim. Fireman's Fund Insurance Company was spared a huge loss that would have been incurred if the leak continued until morning. Our biggest loss was approximately two hours of sleep.Ray R.Ft. Myers, FL

Last March while on a business trip to Asia my wife contacted me to let me know that the unit had triggered and that the water to the house had been shut off. Fortunately no pipes had burst, but what had happened was a toilet valve had stuck and the System detected the problem and shut off the water. Water waste was minimized and certainly my utility bill was protected.Russel L.Santa Clara, CA

We are very pleased with your product - it provides tremendous peace of mind as we are often away from the property. I has worked as advertised or better. In fact, we will be installing another one in another property soon. Thanks.Steve K.Long Island, NY

I had the original FloLogic 2000 and had a problem with noise at certain flow rates. When I contacted you to see what could be done about the problem you said that a new design was coming out and that I could get it at a significant discount. You did exactly what you promised and when there was a problem with the keypad you also sent another new one. The installation has been completed and everything is working great. I'd like to thank you for standing behind your product - it's a great device.William SMarston Mills, MA

We had a vacation home in the suburbs of Philadelphia that we visited once every 6 weeks or so. It was a beautiful home with a fully finished basement. Thankfully, we had the FloLogic System installed as soon as we remodeled the home. We returned one time to find the System in alarm and a 75 gallon water heater that had begun to leak from the overflow valve. The damage would have been enormous if the FloLogic System had not shut the water supply off as soon as it detected the hot water heater had called for water, saving us tens thousands of dollars and a world of trouble since the entire basement would have had 10 feet of water in it by the time we would have discovered the leak. We now have it on all of our properties!!Barry S.Sarasota, FL

My System is working beautifully! Thank you so much for working with me, It is wonderful to have the peace of mind that this System provides. You certainly may use me as a reference anytime.Diane V.Natick, MA

The installation of the FloLogic device is one of the smartest moves I have made as a homeowner. Three of my neighbors had plumbing leaks which rendered their homes uninhabitable for 5-6 months. Not only does FloLogic provide peace of mind, it has reduced my insurance premium with Chubb. As a urologist, I am sensitive to "leaks." Here is an easy solution. The FloLogic system has performed flawlessly since it's installation. I installed it myself. Thanks for the followup.Dick M.Orchid Island, FL

I put in my FloLogics in Minot, ND and in Sanibel, FL and I'm not looking for work! For anyone with a little mechanical skill, however, it's not that difficult of a job. As far as references for how I like the units and/or your service, I would be happy to talk to anyone for you - I am happy both with the units and your service.Jim B.Minot, SD

I am using the FloLogic System in my plating shop for insurance against fresh water, DI water, and domestic water line breakage. These occurrences have the potential of putting even the most cautious plater out of business. We think of it as our third line of defense. We test the System from time to time to ensure it is functioning within limits and it hasn’t missed a beat yet! Oh, did I tell you how much better I sleep at night? I’m sure I don’t have to. I know this product wasn’t designed to be used as we are using it in a manufacturing environment, but with a few tweaks of your parameters we made it function to suit our needs. As far as the installer, that would be me J. What an easy job and straight forward. I mounted the interface next to the time clock so that it’s easy for my employees to enter back into HOME mode and see if there were any faults that occurred the previous evening. I, also, would be happy to serve as a reference for your product.Jeff H.Meadeville, PA

Love my FloLogic. When I got the notice that our city of Beverly Hills was going on rationing I knew that I already had complied to no leaks. My Flologic told me that. Also my gardener cannot run the hose for as long as he wants because he now knows that he will shut off the water to the whole house.Lana T.Beverly Hills, CA

Your service has been excellent from an instructional point of view as well as your speedy response time. On one occasion you even offered to fly to Dewey Beach, DE, to do a personal inspection. That wasn't needed as you were able to guide us over the phone. Just this past weekend, we avoided a major catastrophe when an owner left their unit on "HOME" when they were not there. Your product worked exactly as advertised and the damage was minimal. Now, we just have to re-educate the owner to use the "WATER OFF" feature. The FloLogic paid for itself in that one instance and eliminated stress and frustration on our part not to mention the financial negotiations with insurance companies. I am convinced that this was the single best investment we have made in our 18 unit condominium and I have copied our Board members so they can comment. Please fell free to use this e-mail as a reference. We'll even go further than that since I am here the majority of the time. If you have someone who wants to see the installation first hand, you can have them contact me and I will be pleased to show them the configuration. Keep up with your quality customer service as it will pay tremendous dividends as you grow your customer base.Larry K.Dewey Beach, DE

I am a booster of your product as it saved much damage to our home. We now have your newer series and it has functioned perfectly. I am registered. Feel free to use me as a reference. I had informed Fireman's Fund Insurance . . . you might rememberLinda E.Ft. Myers, FL

We installed a Flologic System several years ago. This evening we had some guests over and one of them left the faucet dripping. The FloLogic alarm went off until we shut the faucet off. This could be a huge benefit in this time of drought. Linda C.Cary, NC

Within the past 9 months, we purchased a FloLogic System. We went through our local plumbing establishment, and given that we had suffered through $40k in floor/wall/ etc. damage, all were sceptical. Of course we did the "turn on all the faucet" tests, and of course it worked. About 2 weeks later, I awoke to a beeping at 2am water. I went to the basement to confirm it, and silence the alarm...I returned to the living level (ranch house), and found that the pull chain in the commode had trapped the outflow valve open. I was never happier to be awoken at such a time for a water leak - there wasn't any damage, but it was a clear, irrefutable, real-world test that (practically) couldn't be planned. (It was a similar leak that caused us the grief.) Once that (seemingly) minor issue was corrected, and I returned the controller to HOME, water flowed. Anyway, long story short, we were impressed, as were friends and neighbors, and we recommend it to anyone who asks.Ray D.

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