FloLogic is the most reliable automatic shut off valve

FloLogic Experts in Trusted Home Leak Detection

Installation of a FloLogic System will drastically reduce the likelihood of water damage in your home or business, without the need for high-maintenance moisture sensors. Attached to a single point on your main water line, a FloLogic System will detect and stop abnormal water flow anywhere in your home. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Get yours today!

Ask This Old House FloLogic System awarded Popular Science Magazine's Best of What's New Award
Automatic leak detection and water shutoff is a must for any modern building. With FloLogic's continuous monitoring and control of water in your home or office, you can easily protect your property from flood and mold damage. The EPA reports that the average home wastes almost 14% of water due to undetected plumbing leaks. FloLogic will find and stop the smallest of plumbing leaks and will save 10,000 gallons annually in the average home!