FloLogic Protection for Chubb Homeowner’s Clients

FloLogic offers Chubb Homeowner’s a 15% discount on the purchase of any FloLogic System.

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FloLogic is a premium smart leak control system that is designed to detect even the smallest leaks in real-time and automatically shut them down before catastrophic damage can occur. And with low temperature alerts and auto-shutoffs, FloLogic proactively protects against frozen pipe damage. FloLogic has been protecting homes from water damage for more than two decades. Today’s FloLogic System protects homes like no other product on the market.

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FloLogic delivers premium protection because:

Water detection

It's Foolproof

Only FloLogic with EverWatch technology automatically detects and immediately stops leaks flowing as small as .5 oz. per minute (that’s about a tablespoon). Other devices require 16 oz. to 32 oz. to begin real-time detection (that’s up to 360 gallons in a single day!). FloLogic’s low temp alerts and proactive shutoffs help you prevent frozen pipe damage.

Water detection

It's Intelligent

Only FloLogic communicates with automated water use devices, creating a true smart plumbing ecosystem. It readily connects with home security systems. The app-based system sends real-time alerts and gives you control over the entire system.

Water detection

It's Versatile

Only FloLogic provides exceptional installation flexibility in multiple sizes and configurations, so it works in your home. With exacting settings rather than guesswork AI, FloLogic can be adjusted to fit your water usage patterns when Home and Away for superior protection.  

Water detection

It's Guaranteed

Only FloLogic is built in the US from cast bronze, with temperature sensor, local controls that work independent of internet service, standard battery back up and a best-in-the-business 5-year warranty. FloLogic is a proven leader in smart leak control for 20 years and counting.

FloLogic saved Chubb insureds George and Cal from a total disaster. See their story.

If you have questions about protecting your property with FloLogic, we are here to assist you. Simply fill out the form below and we’ll contact you promptly. Or you can call FloLogic at 877-356-5644.

When you contact FloLogic, we’ll help you understand how the System protects your property, which size you need, and we can connect you with a qualifed plumber.

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