Integrating FloLogic with Irrigation, a Water Softener, or Humidification Which Have Long Flow Times

FloLogic integrations with permission-based automatic water-use devices allow it to distinguish those flow events from leaks by temporarily placing the FloLogic System in the Bypass or Override modes. If an irrigation line, pool fill line or water softener supply is upstream/before FloLogic, then FloLogic will ignore the flow to those devices. If they are downstream, the below integrations are available.

  • Water Softener: Simply install a flow switch on the drain line. When the softener begins its backwash cycle, the flow switch will tell FloLogic to ignore flow during the backwash cycle. Most lines are 1/2″ and use this model flow switch.
  • Irrigation: Simply install an electronic relay on the irrigation control box. When irrigation calls for water, FloLogic ignores the flow until the irrigation stops calling for water. Yet if a leak occurs in an irrigation line when it’s not supposed to be running, FloLogic will catch it.
  • Pool Fill: For electronic fill valves, install a relay. For float valves, install a flow switch.
  • Humidification: Some humidifiers use a constant flow membrane-style system. For these, a seasonal adjustment in cold months may be necessary. Simply check the real-time flow rate when humidification is fully active to get a baseline flow rate from which to adjust. For example, most pull 3 ounces-per-minute, so for one humidifier, adjust your drip rate above 4 ounces-per-minute in cold months. This can be saved as the “Winter Mode” in the app.

See this guide for more an integrations summary.

See the full installation guide starting page 16 more specifications on integrations.