Determining the Real-Time Water Flow Rate

While in the Home or Away modes, the FloLogic Control Panel will illuminate a pinwheel graphic to show when flow above your Drip Rate setting is occurring. FloLogic is also capable of showing you the real-time flow rate of water entering your property in ounce-per-minute volumes ranging from 0 – 32 ounces. This is a helpful tool for determining the source of a leak or unintended water use. From the app-based control, go to Settings, then Flow Sensitivity and see the current flow as noted. From the local Control Panel enter the Program mode (press Program + Accept/Exit keys at the same time). Press the Next/Bypass key until you see the Drip Rate (this is the programmed flow detection sensitivity). While on the Drip Rate setting then press the Program button to switch to a live, ounce-per-minute flow rate display. If the flow rate is above 32 ounces-per-minute, the Control Panel will read “INVALID,” indicating high flow, as the System does not display specific flow volumes above 32 ounces-per-minute.