Determining the Real-Time Water Flow Rate

Determining the real-time water flow rate.

While in the Home or Away modes, the FloLogic Control Panel will illuminate a pinwheel graphic to show when water is flowing above your Drip Rate setting. FloLogic is also capable of showing you the flow of water entering your property, in real time, expressed in ounces-per-minute ranging from 0 – 32 ounces. This is a very helpful tool when determining the source of a leak or unintended water use.

  • From the local Control Panel enter the Program mode:
  • Press PROG + ACCEPT/EXIT keys at the same time. Release. The LCD will read PROGRAM.
  • Press the NEXT/BYPASS key. Release. The LCD will read DRIP RATE oz/min (this is the current flow sensitivity).
  • While on the Drip Rate screen,
  • Press the PROG key to observe the flow rate in real time. If the flow rate is above 32 ounces-per-minute, the Control Panel will read “INVALID,” indicating high flow, as the System does not display specific flow volumes above 32 ounces-per-minute. The app will show real-time flow happening at or above your sensitivity as the flow timer progresses.