FloLogic System Maintenance

FloLogic monitors for leaks 24/7 out of sight and out of mind until called upon to shut off a suspected leak. With a patented feature that is unique to FloLogic, the System automatically exercises the ball valve when switched from Home to Away mode, or a minimum of once every two weeks. This ensures the valve is always operational. Every six months it’s advised to evaluate the System to ensure it continues to sense flow. The non-proprietary battery will need to be changed approximately once every three years and you will first be prompted by a “LO BATT” message or ultimately a “SYS.DOWN/CHG BATT” alert. Replace the battery with a 12-volt sealed lead acid battery with at least 4.5 amp hour rating. Once you replace the battery, press and hold the Down arrow key on the Control Panel until the beeping stops to reboot the valve and clear the alert.