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The most common user questions can be answered through this app operation video. And this local Control Panel video explains operation without the app. Use the below keyword search for quick answers to other common questions, or see the FAQs. Find helpful documentation at the bottom of this page. If you are on this page because your valve is closing repeatedly, it may require a plumber to determine why the valve is closing. While we can help provide advice for what could be causing the shut-offs, it may take the assistance of a local professional/ plumber to get to the root cause of the problem.

The most likely cause of the shut-off’s is usually a running toilet, or a check valve not being installed before the FloLogic.

Here is a link to help trouble shoot those shut offs. FloLogic Shut Off/ Leak Alarm Assistance


Why do I need a leak detection system?

Plumbing leaks are common and destructive, striking 1 in 12 homes per year and costing $13 billion in insurance claims in the USA alone. And since even the smallest leak can release thousands of gallons in a matter of days, it’s smart to install a FloLogic System for its exclusive real-time leak detection; detecting leaks as small as a tablespoon per minute when they begin and automatically stopping them. Cheaper devices may be available, but no other leak control technology can precisely see leaks big and small in real time as precisely as FloLogic.

How is does FloLogic differ from lower cost flow-based systems?

Other systems are similar to FloLogic in that they use flow sensing technology to detect leaks, but they offer less comprehensive protection because they rely on water meter technology to see real time flow. These metering devices are helpful for those homeowners who want to monitor their daily water volume use, but water meters only begin to detect real time flow, and therefore leaks, around a pint-per-minute, up to a quart-per-minute range. A pint-per-minute leak in one day will spill 180 gallons of water. FloLogic’s EverWatch™ leak sensing technology can see leaks in real time starting a ½ ounces per-minute (about a tablespoon). Your municipality may already use an advanced water meter infrastructure (AMI) that allows you to log in and see your daily water use for free. FloLogic also differs from cheap competitors in that it’s a cast bronze, US-made valve available in multiple sizes, is proven for more than a decade in the field and comes with a standard battery backup and 5-year warranty.

Where is the FloLogic System installed?

The FloLogic System is installed on the main water supply line after the meter (or well pressure tank) but before the point where the distribution lines come off to service the plumbing appliances in your home or business. The FloLogic System can be installed in either a vertical or horizontal orientation, indoors or outdoors, as long as it is protected from prolonged water expsure or submersion. While the System is water resistant, a valve cover is recommended for outdoor installations. 

How does the FloLogic System work?

FloLogic is the smartest leak control device because it’s designed to catch the lowest common denominator of any plumbing supply leak: abnormal water flow. The FloLogic System monitors all flow 24/7—beginning as low as a half-ounce per minute (or about a drip-per-second). Normal water use happens in intervals. Leaks are constant. Once flow begins, FloLogic measures the time duration. If the flow time exceeds the allowance, a leak is suspected and the water is shut off automatically. Adjustable Home and Away modes allow normal water use without interruption while flagging and stopping leaks in real time. FloLogic integrates with irrigation, water treatment and pools to distinguish and allow their extended water use from a leak. FloLogic’s flow detection sensitivity can be adjusted between 0.5 – 48 ounces-per-minute. The FloLogic Connect module adds ambient temperature monitoring that can be set to provide notifications as well as automatically shut off the water at a given low temperature. The FloLogic app allows full oversight, system control and receipt of alerts from anywhere.

How does FloLogic catch leaks without interrupting normal water use?
Typical water use has starts and stops, whereas leaks start and continue. FloLogic senses all flow 24/7. If an uninterrupted flow time exceeds the parameters, a leak is suspected and the water is automatically shut off. Home and Away modes ensure the utmost in protection without interrupting normal use. While Home and Away mode flow time allowances are fully adjustable, the preset time of 30 minutes for the Home mode and 30 seconds for the Away mode works for most properties. This allows consecutive showers without alarms when a home is occupied and also lets ice makers function when unoccupied.
Do I need a plumber to install the FloLogic System?

Any licensed plumber will have the skillset to install the FloLogic valve. A professional is recommended since the pipe must be cut to add the valve. The Installation and Setup Instructions provide a detailed installation guide. Call us Toll free (877 FloLogic) to ask if we have a Preferred Installer in your area.

What size valve do I need?

The FloLogic System comes in three sizes: a 1” valve (for 1″ and smaller pipes), allowing a flow capacity up to 50 gallons-per-minute (GPM), a 1 ½” valve, allowing a flow exceeding 100 GPM and a 2″ valve, with a flow capacity in the 200 GPM range. To determine your pipe size, you can measure the incoming water line’s direct diameter at the end of the pipe. You can also get pipe size by measuring circumference using a flexible tape and dividing the outside circumference by 3.14. For common ¾” water service pipes, simply use the 1” valve.

Is the internet service, app-based control a requirement?

The app-based control is an optional addition to the FloLogic System and is not required to have a fully functioning device. The local Control Panel enables operational functionality. The System can be connected to a home security central station for auto shutoff monitoring with or without a Connect Module. With the Connect Module and FloLogic app, you will have untethered intelligence, oversight and control of your plumbing system with no monthly monitoring or access fees. 

Can I add the WiFi app-based control to my existing system?

Yes. As long as your software version is 3.80 or higher, you can add the CONNECT module to your device to add the app control. All 3.5 series models (indicated by a white actuator box on top of the valve/Systems sold since 2014) are compatible. To confirm the software version, go to your System control panel and press and hold the UP arrow until the display goes blank. The panel will restart and display the following sequence: FLOLOGIC; C.VER 3.XX; V.VER 3.XX; SYSCHK; HOME. The two-digit C.VER and V.VER numbers reflect your software version. If you miss the C.VER or V.VER numbers, you can repeat the process.

What are the electrical requirements and do I need to hire an electrician?

FloLogic is a “plug and play” System, pre-programmed and ready to be powered by a standard 120v AC. The included power supply, which incorporates the backup battery, is 21 feet, with the final 15 feet being waterproof. Power extension cables are available to add 25 additional feet. 

What happens during a power outage?
The FloLogic System will operate and execute automatic shut offs in the event of an AC power loss for up to one week. The System’s 12-volt battery remains charged and ready for any AC power disruptions. To maintain this standby battery backup capability, the battery should be replaced approximately every three years.
What differentiates the FloLogic System from other competitors?

FloLogic provides the most comprehensive full-time leak protection against leaks of virtually all sizes throughout a plumbing supply among all technologies currently on the market. Low-cost, leak detectors that use metering technology are unable to detect leaks in real time below a flow rate of a pint to quart of water per minute. A quart-per-minute leak will spew up to 360 gallons of water in one day. Many of these products have plastic flowpaths and short-lived warranties. No other flow based product offers battery backup.

Standalone point-of-leak sensors only flag water that accumulates at remote sensors. Multiple sensors are required to be placed throughout a property (many of which will be visible). And these sensors will miss leaks that occur behind a wall, above a ceiling or beneath a floor. Many sensor products do not have automatic shutoff valves to stop a leak. 

FloLogic will identify leaks both small (beginning at 0.5 ounces-per-minute) and big (any level above your flow sensitivity setting), 24/7, and operates out of sight and mind with your water fully flowing unless a leak is suspected. FloLogic may cost more than other leak detection technologies, but our customers and installers find it’s well worth investing a little more to get the commercial-grade construction and comprehensive full-time protection against damaging and wasteful leaks. Home insurers agree, as FloLogic will always qualify policy holders for any available credits and discounts whereas other systems may not. FloLogic also has a best-in-class five year standard warranty.

What maintenance needs to be conducted on the FloLogic System?
FloLogic operates out of sight and out of mind until called upon to shut off a suspected leak. The System automatically exercises the ball valve when switched from Home to Away mode, or a minimum of once every two weeks. This patented feature is unique to FloLogic and ensures the valve is always operational. Every six months it’s advised to test the System for flow detection and shutoff. The non-proprietary battery will need to be changed approximately once every three years and you will be alerted to this when the end-of-battery life has been reached.
Can I integrate the FloLogic System to my home security system?

The FloLogic System is easily integrated with all security systems in the market that accept dry-contact relay inputs and outputs. This is a standard feature. See page 16 of the Installation and Setup Instructions.

Will my homeowner insurance provider give me a discount for having the FloLogic System installed?
There are a growing number of insurance companies that are providing discounts and credits for installation of the FloLogic System. Ask you insurance company if they are providing discounts, or request that they do.
Where is the FloLogic System made?
The FloLogic System is proudly made in America and assembled, tested, packaged and shipped by LC Industries, Durham, NC, the largest employer of blind workers in the USA today.
What regulatory approvals do you have?

FloLogic complies with all regulatory standards that ensure a plumbing product is lead free, capable of being installed outdoors and safe overall for potable water. FloLogic is tested extensively and approved by: UL, cUL, UPC and cUPC, FCC, is Certified to NSF 61-8 and is rated IP68, IAPMO IGC 115 standard for leak detection devices. FloLogic is also approved by the Massachusetts Plumbing Code, a state which sets independent high standards for plumbing products.

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