Accommodating Humidifiers with FloLogic

Humidifiers that are integrated with a heating system are designed to automatically pull water, sometimes for long periods of time, which the factory default settings of the FloLogic System may identify as a potential leak, causing shutoffs. A simple adjustment will allow you to avoid leak alarms caused by humidifiers, while maintaining protection of your property..

Evaporating humidifiers are a common type where a slow drip of water hydrates a membrane located in the heat’s airflow, and allows evaporation to produce humidity. These systems typically pull approximately 3 oz. of water per minute. So the default flow sensitivity setting should be raised for cold months to a point just above the flow demand, such as 4 oz./min. For a precise view of an evaporating humidifier’s demand, see the real time flow rate while you are sure the humidifiers are running, but nothing else is using water in the house. The FloLogic app allows you to enable “Winter Mode” and customize the flow sensitivity for that mode only, saving your setting for next winter. Even the smallest incremental flow, in combination with your humidifier using water, would put that additional flow above the flow sensitivity, therefore it would be monitored.

Steam generating humidifiers do not pull constant water like evaporating humidifier, so the flow sensitivity does not need to be adjusted. For steam humidifiers the Away flow time allowance needs to be at least 5-6 minutes to make time for the water reservoir to refill and for the humidifier to do a flush cycle to automatically cleanse its tank.