Determining the Cause of Leak Alarms

If your System has a leak alarm, there was water flow that exceeded the flow time allowance and indicated a possible leak. FloLogic is not capable of producing “false flow” readings. If you can find no physical evidence of a leak, turn the water on by pressing the Disable key, then the Home key. Enter the program mode to see the flow in real time. This may help you decipher the source of the water flowing. To isolate common culprits, once you see constant flow, check all indoor faucets and outdoor hose bibs for drips. Toilets are a common source of leaks. You can isolate a leaky toilet by shutting all toilets in a property off at the valves feeding the supply lines. If this causes the real-time flow to drop, you know the leak alarms are from a toilet. You can determine which toilet by turning the toilets’ water back on one at a time and checking the flow rate until you identify the toilet causing flow. If after checking likely culprits you still can’t determine the source of flow, contact a plumber or leak detection professional, as you may have a hidden leak.