Determining the Cause of Leak Alarms

Understanding the FloLogic leak alarm

When the FloLogic System exhibits a leak alarm, (LEAK) it is informing you that water is flowing into your home that exceeded the flow time allowance in your Home or Away program settings. To silence the alarm, Press the DISABLE key. After more than 20 + years of service we are 100% confident that the FloLogic System will not produce a “false” alarm.

Next, examine your property for signs of water damage or accumulation, and if you see no evidence of a leak, Press the HOME key on the Control Panel or the “Water on” command through the app to restore your water service. If water once again begins running, a pinwheel graphic will appear in the LCD. NOTE: Skip to the instructions below to observe the real time flow rate that may help identify the source of the water flow. NOTE: If you shut your water off at the main, the pinwheel will disappear confirming FloLogic is doing its job. Next,

  • Check all indoor faucets and outdoor hose spigots and connections for signs of a leak.
  • Do you have a humidifier that may be in service? See this post to learn how to adjust your settings to accommodate the water usage of a humidifier.
  • Toilet fill valves are a common source of running water as they quietly over fill the tank and run down the overflow tube. You can look inside the tank(s) to check the level of the water at the overflow tube. The one with the water at the top of the tube, may be the one at fault. Or you can shut off all the toilets and observe the real-time flow rate. (see below) If this causes the real-time flow to drop, you know the leak alarm is being generated from a toilet. You can determine which toilet by turning the toilets back on, one at a time, until you identify the toilet causing the flow. If you still cannot determine the source, contact a plumber, or leak detection professional, as you may actually have a leak.

Observing the real-time flow rate

While in the Home or Away modes, the FloLogic Control Panel will illuminate a pinwheel graphic to show when water is flowing above your Drip Rate setting. FloLogic is also capable of showing you the flow of water entering your property, in real time, expressed in ounces-per-minute ranging from 0 – 32 ounces. This is a very helpful tool when determining the source of a leak or unintended water use.

From the local Control Panel enter the Program mode:

  • Press PROG + ACCEPT/EXIT keys at the same time. Release. The LCD will read PROGRAM.
  • Press the NEXT/BYPASS key. Release. The LCD will read DRIP RATE oz/min (this is the current flow sensitivity).
  • While on the Drip Rate screen,
  • Press the PROG key to observe the flow rate in real time. If the flow rate is above 32 ounces-per-minute, the Control Panel will read “INVALID,” indicating high flow, as the System does not display specific flow volumes above 32 ounces-per-minute. The app will show real-time flow happening at or above your sensitivity as the flow timer progresses.