How is FloLogic different from cheap flow-based leak detectors?

Other systems are similar to FloLogic in that they use flow sensing to detect leaks, but they offer less comprehensive protection because they rely on water meter technology to see real time flow. These metering devices are helpful for those homeowners who want to monitor their daily water volume use, but water meters only begin to detect flow, and therefore leaks, around a pint-per-minute, or up to a quart-per-minute range. A pint-per-minute leak in one day will spill 180 gallons of water. FloLogic’s EverWatch™ leak sensing technology can see leaks in real time starting a ½ ounces per-minute (about a tablespoon). Your municipality may already use an advanced water meter infrastructure (AMI) that allows you to log in and see your daily water volume use for free. FloLogic also differs from cheap competitors in that it’s a cast bronze, US-made valve available in multiple sizes, is proven for more than a decade in the field and comes with a standard 5-year warranty.