Connecting FloLogic to New Router or WiFi Password, or Reconnecting Offline Device

Here’s how to get your Connect module back online when a new router is installed, an SSID or password changes on the router, or when an existing connection fails and power cycling the CONNECT Module doesn’t force it back online automatically. (Note if you get a new router, it’s easiest to change the new router’s SSID and password to match your previous router, allowing FloLogic and all your WiFi-connected devices to automatically connect to the new router.)

To connect a device that is offline: First, press and hold for 1 second the WiFi button located on top right side of the CONNECT Module. The “Connect” light on the module will eventually slowly blink with a red light, indicating provisioning mode. Stay close to the module.

Open the app and hit the back button in the upper left until you see a dashboard screen showing “Account, Sharing, Support” icons. Hit the “+” symbol in the upper right. Then follow the instruction to provision the device to the router. It’s easiest to use the “Direct Connect” process. If that fails to connect, you can press the WiFi button again and try the “Legacy” or “Manual” methods. If in this process the CONNECTION light hangs up on a white color for more than 4 minutes, unplug the black cable that connects to the Module for one full minute, then reconnect it. This may encourage the re-connection.

If for some reason, this does not work, press and hold the WiFi button for 8 seconds and wait for the light to blink red again, then follow the instructions above. If this does not work, you may need to do a hard reset of the CONNECT Module. To hard reset, use a paperclip to make contact with the button that is recessed inside the bottom edge of the Module to the right of the black cable port. When you contact the button, the Connection light will flash quickly. Hold it in until the flashing light stops or turns a solid, then when it’s flashing slowly red, it’s ready to reprovision from the app per above.